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Airport Fast Track Passes

Skip the airport security queues with the VIP Fast Track Pass, from just £5.00* per person!

As we all know, Airports can not only be tricky to navigate, but you'll often spend the majority of your time queuing through various checkpoints before you reach your gate. You could save up to 20% off when you book Fast Track in advance, and fly through security. Fast Track passes enable you to pass through airport security, bypassing the normal queues by stepping into the VIP Fast Track lane instead. This eliminates not only the amount of time queueing, but also the associated stresses or complications that may arise.

  • Save up to 20% off
  • Skip airport security queues
  • Prices start from just £5*

Flying from a busy UK airport can be a drain upon your time and actually put a dampener on the excitement of going on holiday. We recommend Fast Track passes to anybody who has strict travel deadlines they can't afford to miss or anyone who prefers to get where they need to go with a minimum of fuss.

Alternatively, if you're dreading the wait in arrivals, a Passport Control Fast Track Pass will have you home in no time. You'll gain access to the special fast lane at arrivals on your return from your holiday and fly past the normal queue to a dedicated lane, meaning you'll get home as soon as possible.

Fast Track passes are available as a stand alone product or as an add-on to your existing airport parking, airport hotels or airport lounges booking.

Stand alone Fast Track Passes
Airport/Fast Track Pass Price per person*
(booked in advance)
Price per child* On-the-day price* Hours of use
Bristol Airport - Fast Track Security Pass £5 £5 £5 From 3am - 7pm
Bournemouth Airport - Fast Track Security Pass £5 £5 - Available all day
East Midlands Airport - Fast Track Security Pass £5 £5 - Available 5am - 7pm
Edinburgh Airport- Fast Track Security Pass £5 £5 - Open daily
Leeds Bradford Airport - Fast Track Security Pass £5 Children under 12 Free with paying adult - Everyday
Liverpool Airport - Fast Track Security Pass £5 £5 - From 4am daily
London Gatwick North & South - Security Control Fast Track £5 £5 - From 6am-12 midnight
London Gatwick North & South - Passport Control Fast Track £5 £5 - From 5am-5pm daily
Manchester Airport - Security Fast Track (T1, T2 & T3) £5 £5 - Available 2.30am - 11pm
Manchester - Passport Control Fast Track £5 £5 - Available 7am - 4.30am
Newcastle Airport Security Fast Track £5 £5 - During airport's opening hours
Stansted - Security Fast Track £5 £5 - Available 4am - 8pm
Stansted - Passport Control Fast Track £5 £5 - Available 6am - 1am

Booking Your Fast Track + Passport Control Pass

Buying a Fast Track Pass or Passport Control Pass couldn't be any easier. Simply enter your dates above and let us know how many passes you need. From there it's a one-click process and we'll email you with your confirmation.

If you need to book your airport parking or airport hotels , you can select the service you want and the Security Fast Track or Passport Control Fast Track with just one click. This will add it to your basket and be included with your airport parking, airport hotel or airport lounge booking. We will send your pass with your confirmation details.

A Fast Track Security Pass is available as an add-on at the following airports:

A Passport Control Fast Track Pass is available as an add-on at the following airports:

Fast Track Pass FAQs

What is airport Fast Track and how does it work?

A Fast Track scheme is offered by many airports and enables passengers to enter a priority lane and skip the queues at security screening. This means you'll reach the security search-area quicker and it allows you more time to relax before your flight.

Is a Fast Track Pass worth it?

Though most airports can't guarantee that fast track security lines will be quicker, if you're flying during a peak time, or during seasonal peaks like school holidays then you will likely benefit from purchasing a Fast Track Pass. Security fast tracking is the ideal way of making your airport experience as hassle-free as possible.

Do I need to buy a Fast Track ticket for my child?

Yes, most airports require all passengers, including children and infants to purchase a fast track ticket. This is usually the same price as an adult ticket.

Can I book Fast Track on the day of arrival at the airport?

Yes, you can purchase a Security or Passport Control Fast Track Pass on the day of arrival at the airport. This is subject to availability and you may only be able to book them at certain times. Therefore, it's advisable to book in advance to avoid disappointment. You could also save time as well as money by purchasing your ticket in advance.

Can I cancel my Fast Track booking?

Cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of your booking.

Can I use my Passport Control Fast Track Pass if my flight is late?

If you are delayed it cannot be guaranteed that you will be able to use the Passport Control Fast lane. This will be at the airport's discretion.

Does a Fast Track Pass allow me to skip airport passport checks all together?

No, passport control checks are mandatory and border checks are also mandatory.

Can I transfer my Fast Track Pass to another date?

This will depend on your booking. Please check the terms and conditions.

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